Industry standard high speed RISC micro controller with 64KB to 256KB expandable program memory.

Data Memory

Large Non-Volatile Memory to hold Transaction data, PLUs, Tax Structures etc.

Real Time Clock

RTC with Battery back-up


24 Characters X 2 line LAMPEX LCD Display.


Built-in 24 columns high speed dual colour dot matrix printer.

Key Board

20 Key Multi-function silicon rubber key pad and built-in PS2interface connector for External Key Board

Communication Ports

Two Serial RS-232 ports for interface to PC,Weighing Scale,External printer etc.

Pole Display

In-built Pole Display Interface.

Cash Drawer

In-built Cash Drawer Kick-out Interface.

Power Supply

External 12V,2A DC Adaptor Power Supply.


290 x 162 x 130 mm.


3 Kgs


  • 40 Column Dot matrix Dual Colour Printer.
  • RS-485 Communication Interface.
  • Pole Display "BCR-PD".
  • Cash Drawer.
  • Battery Charging DC Adaptor.


  • Stand alone unit
  • Total of 999 PLUs support.
  • Provision to include VAT, CST, discounts etc.
  • Accommodates up to 16-character name or description.
  • Heavy duty Alpha-Numeric impact printer.
  • 4 Line header and 4 line footer with bold selection.
  • Prints shops name message on the bill.


  • Daily
  • Date Wise
  • Gross Revenue
  • Bill Wise
  • PLU Detail
  • PLU Summary
    • Stock
    • Price
    • Re-order
  • Item Sale
  • tax Slabs
  • Sale Units
  • Base Units
  • Cashier
  • PLU Detail
    • Daily Cashier
    • Cashier Summary
  • Void Bill