• Our Success Story
  • A decade of striving crowned with excellence. This is how I would like to remember for the past 24 years of success at Lampex. After a long and rewarding Phase of linear growth, we decided it was time to branch out, Think lateral but with in the scope of our essential focus areas. Embedded System & Software, VLSI & Core Semiconductors suggested themselves quite naturally. Now we are on a wider road, But the direction and goals is still the same. To deliver quality at affordable prices & to deliver more for less. To incessantly strive, Improve, Innovate and develop for not just the country but for the entire planet.

    As the developmental processes in LCD's align themselves around color display systems. I can predict that the future is indeed a colourful display of aesthetics and eye-catching technology. Time will surely tell! I would lie to express my gratitude and admiration for all the directors, project managers & project leaders for their dedication and devotion. We eagerly expect continued efforts in the challenging time to come. I think our highly quality-conscious and esteemed clients who have been in tune with the company focus and in line with our vision and mission. It is their insistence upon quality that inspires our effort.

  • Lampex - The Company
  • Lampex is a business solutions provider with a global focus. Manufacture of LCDs , LCD modules, Semiconductors have been its thrust area since its inception in 1991. Its recent foray into the information Technology sectors, through Embedded Systems and software development is in tune with its plans for globalization and lateral expansion.

    State of the art technology and infrastructure, cutting-edge tools and techniques proactive R&D sound HR backbone, astute management and marketing strategy have together helped lampex establish itself as a leading player in the global markets.

  • Lampex - The Vision
  • It takes a strong vision to fulfil the guidelines of one's chosen mission. In addition to constant innovation, sourcing of quality human resources, up gradation in terms of technology and tools. There must be a sustained, relentless striving for all round quality in terms of both products and services.

    our vision is to provide :
    1. Absolute quality
    2. Single source solutions
    3. Logistics management
    4. Opportunity windows to customers
    5. Highly competitive pricing
    6. Commitment to delivery schedule

    Our Efforts are backed by:
    1. Professional Management
    2. Impeccable work ethics
    3. Customer participation
    4. Beneficial tie-ups and alliances
    5. Constant cost-cutting leading to better pricing

  • Lampex - The Mission Statement
  • To be the best in India and world leader in LCDs and LCD module manufacture. To be the foremost Embedded systems design house and leader in the Semiconductors sector in the country. Lampex has always aimed to provide high quality products and innovations in the LCD, LED, Semiconductor, Embedded System & Software Development Application Segments to global markets at down to earth prices.

    We believe in facilitating state-of-the-art solutions to meet specific requirements of clients worldwide. Lampex if fully equipped and geared to meet any kind of requirement with its technology, manpower and has the ultimate goal of becoming a leading technology company in the world and staying at the top.