To realize this, product companies are expected to bring advanced Chips, supporting hardware ... Our achievements in avionics systems.


  Converted to a limited company with a broad based outlook. Major thrust areas identified our colour LCD’s, semi     conductors packaging, VLSI-chip design & development etc.


  Lampex diversified into embedded systems applications and related software development .Also expanded SMT assembly line by adding high speed chip mounters & automatic stencil printers installed COB(chip on board) facility for LCD modules and related applications .increased installed production capacity to 2 million pieces.


  A remarkable year for Lampex .high turnover, highest exports, achieved an 80% market share in LCD modules and 60% market share for citizen mini-printers in India.


  Total standard LCD’s and LCM models increased to 86 from 12 in 1992 with total variants of over 3000.touched the production capacity of 1 million units.


  Commencement of exports to European markets.


  Increased custom designs (for both domestic and exports market); increase in production capacity to 600000 pieces. Increase in the market base for Japan CBM Corporation (CITIZEN) in India.


  Increased exports to countries like Australia, Canada, and Cyprus. Production capacity of 100000 pieces achieved .MOU with Japan CBM Corporation (CITIZEN) for marketing their mini-printers and other mechanisms in India.


  Increase in model variants LCD & LCD module segments and graphic LCD modules .lampex also started offering products for extended temperature ranges ;commencement of the first exports from India.


  Change of products grades from commercial to industrial .first custom design of LCD modules for domestic clientele.


  Introduction of graphic LCD&LCD modules; new optional features of LED back lights and a production capacity of 30,000 units achieved.


  Introduction of other modules into the market and variants of 16*1,16*2,20*1,24*2,16*4,20*4,40*2,40*4 and the setting up of semi-automated SMT line.


  Incorporation and introduction of LCD modules in India ,indigestion's of first two models (alpha numeric modules 16*1 and 16*2) and achievement of production capacity of 2000 LCD units per annum.

Lampex – The Future :

  •  Setting up of COG and TAB line assembly for colour LCD’S.

  •  LCD panel manufacturing unit to be set up.

  •  Setting up of a VLSI development centre along with semi-conductor packaging line.

  •  To launch new products in embedded systems aimed at local and international markets.

  •  To create a massive facility meeting international quality standards.